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Court orders that are of a limited duration are called "temporary orders." These are rules you will have to live by until your San Antonio divorce is granted. Failure to abide by these orders can result in contempt.

Temporary orders set out guidelines that apply during the process of San Antonio divorce, and may deal with issues such as:

  • Temporary Property Division - Which spouse will live in the house, or drive the car.
  • Temporary Child Custody and Support - Which spouse will live with and care for the children.
  • Temporary Spousal Support - Which spouse will continue to support the other until the divorce is granted.

Temporary orders not only define what someone does during the divorce process, they can also define what someone cannot do. Temporary restraining orders may be sought in order to prevent someone from doing a particular act likely to cause physical or mental injury, and property loss. This type of court order prohibits a party from actions, such as:

  • Mentally and physically abusing the other spouse and children
  • Selling or transferring personal property
  • Removing money from accounts

Temporary orders can be issues without the other spouse being present; however, they are only valid for 14 days. After this time is up, the other spouse must be notified that a trial on temporary orders will be held.

Temporary orders can be voluntarily agreed upon, decided by the court, or not requested at all. Of course, if orders are issued, all the circumstances outlined in a temporary order are subject to change once the San Antonio divorce has been finalized. Be sure to have your San Antonio divorce attorney help you.

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