Strategic Property Division Representation From Tenured Texas Lawyers

Of all aspects of a divorce, there may be none that is more contentious than the division of marital property. Family heirlooms sometimes hang in the balance, and knowing exactly what belongs to whom can be extremely difficult to determine.

As a community property state, both spouses in a Texas divorce are entitled to an equal share of all property acquired during the marriage. Any property that was owned independently by either spouse prior to the marriage, was bequeathed exclusively to one spouse or was given as a gift exclusively to one spouse is not subject to division.

Issues can arise when there are disputes over whether an asset should be considered community or separate property. These cases can become extremely complex, and the assistance of a reliable attorney can help to ensure that your property rights are protected. The attorneys at the law firm of Higdon, Hardy and Zuflacht, L.L.P., represent South Texas clients in a wide variety of property division matters.

Seeking The Best Available Property Settlement For Every Client

We work closely all of our clients to gain a clear understanding of their goals with regard to property division. We get their input on any assets they owned prior to the marriage and work to ensure that they are protected as separate property. We also review the other spouse's separate property assets with our clients to ensure that none of them should be considered community property. In the event of a dispute, we pursue all available options to resolve the matter in our client's favor.

After separate and community property have been identified, all community property assets will be valued. Once we have a fair valuation for the entire marital estate, we will move forward with the division. We take a strategic approach to the division, seeking a result that will provide you with the most benefit over the short and long term. We have experience with the division of complex assets, including privately held businesses and retirement accounts, among others.

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