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Child custody is, perhaps, the most important aspect of any divorce proceeding. Parents' access to their children will be determined in these proceedings, and the future of their relationships are at stake. Texas law supports a meaningful and ongoing relationship between parent and child when the parent has shown the ability to act in a manner that supports the children's best interests, and it is important that those relationships are protected.

These are complex issues that require the attention of a qualified family law attorney. At the law firm of Higdon, Hardy and Zuflacht, L.L.P., we represent clients on both sides of custody and visitation matters. Our complete understanding of the law and the parents' rights with regard to child custody allows us to provide much more effective representation to every client we serve.

Understanding Child Custody And Visitation In Texas

Texas law refers to child custody as "conservatorship." Visitation is referred to as "possession and access."

The court can award a Joint managing conservatorship (JMC) or a Sole managing conservatorship (SMC). In a JMC, both parents have an equal say in the decisions made on behalf of the children with regard to medical care, schooling, extracurricular activities and other considerations. As the name indicates, an SMC gives one parent exclusive decision-making authority over the children in such matters.

In most cases, the children will live primarily with one parent. The other will be entitled to possession and access, or visitation, according to a court-approved schedule. Schedules can either be agreed upon between the parents, or the court can order one that it deems appropriate to the children's best interests.

Seeking Arrangements That Everyone Can Support

We understand that child custody matters can be a point of contention in some cases. We have been extremely successful in overcoming even the most strenuous disputes and helping parents reach agreements that provide for their children's best interests and allow for the meaningful parent-child relationship that all concerned parties deserve. If an agreement cannot be reached, we are fully prepared to advocate for your parental rights in court.

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